Our Tools:

Comprehensible Input Stories Tool

Web instrument for crafting short stories in any language, with control over lexical and syntactical complexity. Create personalized narratives by entering your plot in a form and selecting your preferred narrator's point of view.

Long-formed Comprehensible Input Stories Tool

Discover a web platform designed for crafting text and voice line for long-form stories, each over 20 minutes in length. Our tool allows for detailed narrative creation in any language, offering control over the intricacies of language and story development. Dive into tales where you choose the journey by entering your storyline and selecting the narrative perspective that suits your vision and learning purposes.


This web instrument lets you see the room on a photo you provide in a different color and design style.

Generative QR tool

Generate a custom QR code using textual description of the image you want to see.

Cosmetic procedure simulation

Use this web instrument to simulate an effect of cosmetic procedure.

Roof Windows Light Simulation

Use this web tool to simulate a lighting of roof windows in a room on the photo you provide.

Room Lighting Tool

This web tool allows you to see how the room in the photo you provide looks under different lighting.

Translation Style Tool

This web tool allows you to translate a text and shape a style of translation.