What are the advantages of using our workflows?


Machine learning made easy and accessible to everyone by providing hundreds of pre-built workflows that you can configure in minutes. Whether your interested in sentiment analysis, language detection, or you need to extract a shopping list from a recipe, quiMLy has your covered.

We provide a service that allows you to create working AI-solutions without deep knowledge. It's like a LEGO set for data scientists. Don't need to know how to code to train your models: you've got a workflows that were carefully prepared for the most of typical tasks. If you're an expert, you can use quiMLy to get the result without hours of effort.

Our workflows are created for anyone who wants to build a really adjustable solution for their AI-powered product. In order to start, you can upload any dataset, try out a lot of algorithms, and play with any parameters you want!

Use an existing workflow or set it up from scratch - and integrate working models into your product with our API. We provide ML workflows for businesses and organizations to increase their performance by having access to the best tools available in the market. Our workflows can be used as a playground for your hypothesis testing, or you can use them as stand-alone solutions for common problems in Machine Learning.

Years of ML expirience
Project finished during last 2 years
Specialists with PhD in computer science and mathematics

Need a specific solution for your company?

If you're looking for a specific solution for your company, our team can provide a custom solution for your case. Contact us to find the best possible solution and get a detailed cost estimation of your project.

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Get the working ML solution that will accelerate your product. See the effectiveness. Who is quiMLy for:
- Startups building ML products and want to validate the product idea.
- Enterprises who want to create their own ML products
- Enterprises who are using ML in their products and want to make them more effective
- Businesses that looking to accelerate their current ML project
- Those who have a great idea but don't know where to start.



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